Curriculum Vitae

Below you’ll find a quick overview of a wonderful and curiously-filled career of ups, downs, and side-to-sides; and to think that we’ve only gotten started.

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Summary & Overview

I am (and have been) an entrepreneur, enterprise executive, award-winning indie app developer, angel investor, day trader, writer, educator, husband, parent, and coach.

As startup founder I have bootstrapped / raised venture capital and relish the challenge of delivering products that people want with mission-driven, distributed teams and very limited resources.

As an enterprise executive I’ve built, designed, and deployed cross-functional teams to achieve strategic, long-term growth and I particularly enjoy using my technical skillset to communicate difficult concepts into understandable experiences.

And after 20+ years as a software / product engineer I was lucky enough to win an award as an indie developer: One of my macOS apps won “Best Apps of the Year” via Apple, 2 years in a row!

With 2 advanced degrees — including a Masters in Education — I have discovered a passion for teaching and giving others all that I know through coaching and leadership training. I also try to apply these as a husband to an unbelievable woman and as a father to two girls and one boy.

I am eternally grateful for so many opportunities to fail my way to purpose.

Work & Project History

  • BTC Jobs (2022) — Almost done
  • (TBD) — Bitcoin + Email – Spam
  • Trading Bitcoin (2022) — Learn how to trade bitcoin perpetual futures.
  • (TBD) — “Death Management System”
  • YEN (’17-’21) — $4.1m+ raised, social “MEX” (Crypto Meta Exchange), pivoted to B2B “Community SaaS” for Bitcoiners.
  • Pinpoint (’16-’18) — $16.5m+ raised for B2B engineering analytics platform.
  • Desk (’13-’18) — Award-winning writing, blogging, and notetaking app for macOS; won “Best Apps of 2014” (and 2015) via Apple.
  • MNML (’16-’18) — Desktop app for; featured worldwide in MAS.
  • YouTube (’09-’21) — Multi-channel daily vlog / livestream.
  • Blog, Newsletter(s) (’01-’21) — Wrote daily for 20+ years.
  • UP2398 (2016) — Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR); technical due diligence and coaching for portfolio companies while figuring out my next project.
  • EVE (’15-’16) — Automated HR (1099, W-2s) with ML and a clever Slackbot.
  • Teeny Tokyo (’15-’17) — Image editing app for macOS.
  • Learn Capital (’15-’16) — Advisor, special projs, technical diligence, team coaching.
  • Projector (’15-’16) — Operations, mobile notifications and analytics; raised $4.5m.
  • Geneva Capital (2015) — Fundraising advisor, strategy, operations.
  • Zesty (’15-’16) — PeopleOps, YC c/o ’14, raised $21m.
  • Assembly (2015) — Operations, YC c/o ’13, raised $3m.
  • The Iron Yard (’11-’15) — Strategy, growth, and communications for the largest coding bootcamp in US; acquired by Apollo Global Management (Fortune 300).
  • Pressgram (’12-’14) — Crowdfunded $56k+ via for iOS mobile-social photography and blogging app. Raised an additional $300k.
  • 8BIT (’09-’13) — Award-winning WordPress theme and content network. Raised small seed round. Product acquired by WooThemes (Automattic), omni-media acquired by WPEngine.
  • Action & Influence (’12-’14) — Team performance through behavioral science.
  • ChairCo (2013) — Professional coaching and leadership consulting.
  • ChurchCrunch (’08-’13) — #1 tech blog / network for churches / non-profits. Acq. in 2013.
  • BoosterThon (2012) — CTO and special projects.
  • BlogCheck (’11-’12) — Web and iOS-based server monitoring. Acq. in 2012.
  • Twitch Technologies (’11-’12) — CTO for alternative keyboard technology.
  • SoChurch (’10-’12) — Raised seed round, technology evangelist for B2B SaaS communication / community platform for churches and non-profits.
  • BeaconAds (’10-’11) — Niche advertising network platform. Acq. in 2011.
  • Church Analytics (’10-’11) — Real-time web / mobile analytics. Acq. in 2011.
  • Milk Engine (’08-’13) — Web consulting, strategy, and technology.
  • North Point Ministries (’08-’10) — Creative Director overseeing a number of technical projects including the 1st online broadcasting service in its class.
  • Gospelr (’08-’09) — Christian / non-profit twitter-like app, using Twitter’s API. TechCrunch’d and then acq. in 2009.
  • DateCraft (’07-’08) — Dating website and social network for World of Warcraft players. Kotaku’d, Mashable,, and then acq. in 2008.
  • Second Adoption Media (’07-’08) — Social network for adoptees.
  • Fox, NewsCorp (’07-’08) — Executive Product Director overseeing M&A; purchased Beliefnet and large editorial network.
  • Dell Technologies (’06-’08) — Developer, product manager, content producer.
  • Lord’s Church of Austin (2007) — Youth Pastor, preacher, and babysitter for K-12.
  • Life Multimedia (’06-’07) — Boutique web design and marketing agency.
  • Starbucks (’05-’06) — Part-time Barista, pulling shots like it’s going out of style.
  • FedEx, Kinkos (2005) — Copier and back-room paper boy.
  • Patient Care Technologies (2005) — Local network engineer.
  • Internap (2005) — NOC engineer; got my CCNA / CCDA for routing / networking.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (’01-’05) — Various jobs from copying VHS lecture tape decks to rewriting class registration software and web design manuals for staff. Worked in the Economic Improvement Dept. building web-based education for their ISO9000 / 13000 standards in Macromedia (Adobe) Flash. Tutored english to the football team, worked the Help Desk at the library, volunteered at the “Sound Room” and taught breakdancing / hip-hop on the weekends.
  • Johnson & Johnson (’99-’05) — I worked as an intern and contractor building web tools for before and during college.
  • Publix (’97-’01) — Bag boy to stock to garbage disposal and cart retrieval.
  • Joseph’s Pizza (’00-’01) — Cashier, front-of-house, and waiting tables.
  • JS Computer Repair Company (’97-’01) — Fixed local SMB computers / networks.
  • Boar’s Head Deli (’99-’00) — Prep, cut, and serve deli meat.
  • PakMail (’98-’99) — Cashier and mail package packager extraordinaire.
  • Panera Bread (’98-’99) — Prep cook and dish washer.
  • Melkior Design (’97-’99) — My first real company! Built .html websites and flash games while modding Unreal Tournament maps and hacking King’s Quest.


  • Dallas Seminary (’06-’12) — Masters in Education and Masters in Biblical Studies, focus on team dynamics, performance, and the tech-driven pedagogy.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (’01-’05) — B.S. Science, Technology, & Culture
  • The Bolles School (’97-’01) — Senior quote: Kaizen.
  • American School in Japan (’94-’97) — Where I fell in love with the internet.

Volunteer Experience

  • Soccer Coach — Earned “G” and “F” Coaching License(s) through The US Soccer Federation; coached youth and U7 / 8 co-ed soccer teams.
  • TEK Styles — Hip-hop and breakdance instructor.
  • Defy Ventures — Coach and mentor to EITs (“Entrepreneurs in Training”).